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Meet Our Team

Amit Yadav

Tech Enthusiast

Amit Yadav, our tech guru, is at the forefront of the latest technological advancements. With a keen eye for innovation, he brings you in-depth analyses and expert opinions on the ever-evolving world of technology.

Akash Kumar

Finance Maven

Navigating the complex world of finance is Akash Kumar’s forte. With a wealth of experience, he simplifies intricate financial concepts, providing you with valuable insights to make informed decisions.

Abhirup Saha

Fashion Aficionado

Abhirup Saha, our fashion expert, combines flair and functionality. Stay on trend with Abhirup’s fashion tips and insights into the dynamic world of style.


Finance and Travel Expert

Kishore wears two hats, effortlessly guiding you through financial landscapes and taking you on virtual journeys to discover the world’s hidden gems. Uncover the intersection of finance and travel with Kishore.


Entertainment Extraordinaire

For a dose of entertainment news and celebrity buzz, Somnath is your go-to source. Dive into the exciting realm of movies, music, and pop culture with our entertainment aficionado.

Murtaza Kohinoor

Gaming Guru

Murtaza Kohinoor, our gaming maestro, immerses you in the world of virtual adventures. From game reviews to industry insights, Murtaza keeps you plugged into the gaming universe.


Motivation and Personal Development Expert

Need a boost of motivation? Anup is here to guide you on your journey to personal development. Discover inspiring stories and practical tips for a more fulfilling life.

Tariq Ahmad Sheikh

Entertainment and Crypto Expert

Tariq Ahmad Sheikh is your gateway to the intersection of entertainment and cryptocurrency. Stay informed about the latest trends in both realms with Tariq’s insightful perspectives.


Tech Savant

Mohsin, our tech savant, delves into the intricacies of the digital world. From gadgets to software, Mohsin keeps you abreast of the latest in the tech landscape.

Our Mission

At insightnews24.com, our mission is to deliver accurate, relevant, and engaging content that enriches your daily life. We strive to be your trusted source for news, insights, and inspiration.

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